Lyra Established 1948] Is A Leading Manufacturer Of Footwear

September 21st, 2016 by LYRA – Absolute Protection – since 1948

Lyra, [established 1948] is a leading manufacturer of footwear, personal protection clothing & equipment and has pioneered the indigenous development of a range of products in Pakistan. Lyra now consists of multiple production units; a footwear-manufacturing unit, stitching units, which produce a range of products ranging from personal protection equipment to high quality leather apparel. An in-house tannery supplies leather to the shoe and apparel units, and an in-house rubber mixing plant caters to the shoe factory.

The shoe unit is the market leader in heavy duty footwear [military and industrial] and the main customers are the military and law enforcement agencies in the country and overseas.

Lyra’s ballistic protection range covers ballistic body armour, bomb suppression blankets, letter-bomb containment bags, EOD Suits etc. These products have been indigenously developed and have been successfully tested by local inspection agencies and internationally certified by world renowned ballistic testing institutes. Long experience in this business now enables us to adapt our products to user’s needs and ensure very fast and consistent deliveries.

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