Interceptor Body Armour (267)

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  • Interceptor Body Armour (267)

    Interceptor Body Armour (267)

    Interceptor Body Armour (267)

    Performance Characteristics:
    General features:

    » Neck / Collar protection (NIJ Level IIIA)
    » Arm Protection (NIJ Level IIIA)
    » Quick draw groin protector (NIJ Level IIIA)
    » Side, back and front protection (NIJ Level IIIA without ceramic plates)
    » Fully adjustable shoulder and side panels for exact fit
    » Full Ballistic protection up to NIJ Level IIIA (Soft armour Jacket without plates)
    » Plate Pockets; Front, Back and Sides, NIJ Level III or IV
    » Washable outer covers in Polycotton Nylon / Cordura or Nomex (optional) materials

    Advance Features:
    » Ergonomic design means greater range of motion
    » Improved mobility
    » Better protection and greater adjustability

    Ease of Use:
    » Easy donning and doffing system
    » Quick and easy for wearer to adjust

    Advanced Design:
    » More efficiently designed ballistic coverage
    » Full coverage of the armsye (arm-hole area) in most combat postures

    Component Materials:

    Outer Tactical Vest Carrier: Nylon / Cordura
    Arm Protector and Inner Vest Carrier: Para-Aramid material
    SAPI/ESAPI/ESBI: Composite ballistic ceramic plate with coated ballistic fiber backing

    Any colour available

    Small to XXL (or any size as per requirement)

    ESAPI: Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert (Ceramic plate of NIJ Level III or IV)
    ESBI: Enhanced Side Ballistic Insert (Ceramic plate of NIJ Level III or IV)