Bomb Suppression Blanket

Bomb Suppression Blanket

Available Sizes:

  • Blankets are available in any sizes from 4' x 4' to 4' x 5' and 5' x 5' (feet). We can also produce Bomb Suppression Blankets in custom sizes on request.


  • Made with KEVLAR fire resistant fabric.
  • We offer different levels of bomb and ballistic blankets (i.e. V 50 x 500 ms)
  • As per Mil-Std-662F and STANAG-2920
  • Safety ring – wrap around to cover suspected object size ( 1’ x 5’ ).

Product Description

The Bomb Suppression Blanket is for the use in public areas to suppress the blast fragmentation that causes most damages and injuries.

The blanket is used in conjunction with a blast containment ring (supplied), which is placed on its edge around the explosive device.

The blanket is then placed over the containment ring and bomb. The ring directs the force of the blast upwards into the blanket, which contains most of the fragments created by the explosion. Two or more containment rings and blankets can be used to suppress larger explosive devices.

The multiple layer ballistic filler is enclosed in an outer cover, which is fitted with lifting straps. Both blanket and containment ring fold into a compact, easily carried bag.

Tested and approved by Pakistan Navy.
As per Mil-Std-662F and STANAG-2920