Bulletproof Briefcase Shield


Closed Position Size: 16″ L x 20″ W
Open Position Size: 63″ L x 20″ W

Features of EBBS:

  • Discreet. Covert design looks like any other bag
  • Lightweight. EBBS weighs only 6 kg
  • Quick Deployment. Quick release mechanism unfolds EBBS rapidly in to full body length shield.


NIJ Level IIIA : Protection against 9mm

Total Weight

6 kg

Carrier Material:
Genuine Leather

Product Description

The lightest, most covert and versatile protection, EBBS has many applications in many environments – from home/family defense to law enforcement application, from executive protection to corporate or private security.

EBBS is designed to provide full body discreet protection from bullets as per NIJ Level IIIA in case of an attack. EBBS seems a standard briefcase or a laptop bag, but actually it becomes a ballistic shield while open.

In the matter of no time, quick release opening mechanism unfolds the briefcase into a 5-feet long ballistic shield, which will provide protection against most of handguns, shotguns and pistol caliber threats. EBBS can stop up to .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, 9mm, .45, hollow point ammunition and shotgun blasts. It provides protection from head to toe.

The briefcase shield is lightweight to be carried covertly and deployed rapidly when needed.

EBBS is the ultimate full length ballistic protection and most suitable for the businessperson, government personnel, bureaucrats, executives, dignitaries, and tourists traveling in high risk areas, SWAT Teams, Police Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies.