Bulletproof Reporter Vest

Bulletproof Reporter Vest


Outer Cover (Blue)

General features:

» Neck / Collar protection (NIJ Level IIIA)
» Front, back and side protection (NIJ Level IIIA without armour plates)
» Plate Pockets; Front and Back NIJ Level III or IV
» Washable outer cover

Advance Features:
» Bulletproof Reporter Vest is designed in three removable components;
1. Soft Armour Vest, 2. Hard Armour Carrier and 3. Collar/Neck protector.
» Ergonomic design means greater range of motion
» Improved mobility
» Better protection and greater adjustability

Ease of Use:
» Easy donning and doffing system
» Quick and easy for wearer to adjust

Advanced Design:
» More efficiently designed ballistic coverage

Product Description

LYRA’s “Bulletproof Reporter Vest” is specially designed for journalists, reporters, cameramen and photographers of newspaper and tv channels.

This design offers the maximum protection (front, back, sides, collar and shoulders).