Combat Bulletproof jacket

Combat Bulletproof Jackets (299)

Features of Model No. 299:

  • Front, back, shoulders, collar and sides coverage
  • Multi-hit capability
  • Removable, washable outer cover.
  • Waterproof and ultra violet light proof ballistic panels.
  • Adjustable Velcro side closures
  • Adjustable Velcro shoulder fastening
  • Full freedom of movement.
  • Front & back pockets for hard armour plates.
  • Side pockets for Side HAPs (hard armour plates)
  • 2 front utility pockets suitable for SMG magazines
  • Groin protection
  • MOLLE system


Soft Armour
NIJ Level IIIA : Protection against 9mm
PK Level IIIA : Protection against 9mm + TT

ICW Hard Armour:
NIJ Level III : Protection against 9mm, TT and 7.62X39mm (AK47), 7.62X51mm (G3)
NIJ Level IV : Protection against 9mm, TT, 7.62X39mm (AK47), 7.62X51mm (G3) & API bullet

Side Hard Armour Plates (Side HAPs):
NIJ Level III : Protection against 9mm, TT and 7.62X39mm (AK47), 7.62X51mm (G3)

Black, Blue, Beige, UN Blue and CCD camouflage

S, M, L

Product Description

LYRA’s Combat Bulletproof Jacket (model 299) is designed to suit the demanding requirements of military forces. Besides providing effective and high level of protection against a wide range of threats, this design is hard-wearing, comfortable and suitable for combat situations.

Manufactured with high quality, comfortable and light aramid material, Combat Bulletproof Jacket (model 299), provides best ballistic protection to full torso with minimum possible weight.

These Combat Bulletproof Jackets provide ballistic protection at front, back, shoulders, collar, sides and groin. This design offers enhanced protection (kidney protection) of NIJ level III at sides with the help of Side Armour Plates.

LYRA has incorporated MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system in combat bulletproof jackets to make it the most advanced design of modular tactical vests.

Who should wear it?

Combat Bulletproof Jacket (model 299) is specially designed for combat and high risk situations and is most suitable for Military forces, Combat forces, Police and Law Enforcement Agencies.