EOD Search Suit

EOD Search Suit

Features of Model No. 207:

  • Level IIIA V50 1450 up 1950 fps (fee per second) will be determined according to customer's requirement.
  • Suit consists of jacket, trouser & sleeves.
  • NOMEX fire retardant outer cover (or as per user requirement).
  • Extra groin protection.

    • Approximate weight of complete suit is 9.5kg (without plates).

Product Description

The Anti Mining suit protects from all types of high-velocity fragments, over-pressure and intense heat in case of a close-proximity explosive detonation, without restricting movement. The suit can also be used as a first entry tactical suit.

The main advantages of this suit are its level of protection combined with lightweight, flexibility, ease of putting on, and comfort in wearing for long time periods of time.

For extra protection on the chest the suit can be supplied with a hard armour plate in 10 inch by 12-inch size, which corresponds to NIJ level III or IV depending on user requirement.