Nomex Flyer Coverall Flight Suit

Available Colours:

We offer Nomex Flyer Coverall CWU 27/P also in Tan and Navy Blue and Royal Blue apart from Freedom Sage.

  • Freedom Sage Nomex Flyer Coverall
  • Tan Nomex Flyer Coverall
  • Navy Blue Nomex Flyer Coverall
  • Royal Blue Nomex Flyer Coverall


Nomex Flight Suits are available in various sizes as per the Mil-Spec size chart.

Features of Nomex Flyer Coverall (Model 304):

  • Rounded Collar
  • Pleated action back
  • 2″ x 4″ velcro name tag
  • Zipper sleeve pocket with cover
  • Two diagonal zipper breast pockets
  • Adjustable 1″ velcro waist tabs
  • Two-way main body zipper
  • Two zipper thigh pockets
  • Two zipper lower calf pockets
  • Two lower leg boot entry zippers
  • Survival knife pocket

Product Description

Lyra is the first domestic company to successfully produce high quality flame resistant CWU 27/P NOMEX® Flyer Coveralls (Nomex Flight Suits) as per military specification MIL-C-83141A in Pakistan.

Our Nomex Flyers coveralls are made 100% as per the US Air Force military specification MIL-C-83141A and are sewn to Military Specification FNS/PD 96-17. Produced in NOMEX® aramid fire – retardant fabric and used by aviators in the military community. These lightweight flyer coveralls are designed to be worn as outer garment in the event of an aircraft fire.

The US Military began specifying NOMEX® in the mid-1960s. The military specifies producer-colored fibers. With colorants incorporated during the fiber spinning process for improved consistency in appearance and light fastness. The largest application is the flight suit adopted by the four major services of the US Military.

100% Mil-Spec Flight Suits CWU 27/P are also used for combat vehicle crews and shipboard engineering crews

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) uses fabrics of NOMEX® for the outer layer of astronaut launch and re-entry suits and as a component of its extravehicular activity suits.

Certified to EN ISO 13688:2013 and EN ISO 11612:2015 (A1 B1 C1)