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    Oil Resistant Gloves Model GK

    Oil Resistant Gloves Model GK

    Seamless 100% kevlar® liner to provide very good cut resistance, coated with nitrile or rubber to provide good grip and resistance against oil and grease.

    Usage: glass industry and other high cut risk areas, handling of oily metal sheets & etc.
    Available in both light & heavy weight.

    Cut resistant gloves (Model G/K-Cr/02)
    100% kevlar® knit gloves provide exceptional cut resistance without sacrificing dexterity or comfort. Kevlar® is also inherently heat and flame resistant and withstands rugged wear. Cut and slash resistance make them ideal for handling metal stampings, glass and other sharp-edged materials. Cut protection five times greater than cotton or leather.

    Kevlar plus gloves (Model G/K-Cr/01)
    100% seamless knitted kevlar® gloves made of different yarn thickness for different levels of cut protection. Knitted wrist to prevent ingress fo foreign matters. It offers good efficiency for handling warm objects.

    Available in heavy & light weights.
    Kevlar dot grip gloves (Model G/K-Eg/01)
    100% kevlar® knitted gloves with pvc dots on the palm of the hand, knitted wrist. Excellent fit, comfort and good grip. An all round product for dry applications.

    Terry fabric gloves (Model Lpl/Ktg/01)
    Kevlar® is a remarkable fibre that provides strength to protect under extreme conditions. These kevlar® gloves are substitute for asbestos gloves and most suitable for handling high temperature items. Kevlar® terry knitted gloves provide excellent hand protection without sacrificing manual dexterity or comfort and offering exceptional resistance to cut, slash and heat.

    Gloves made of kevlar® fabric do not burn and will not melt and are most suitable substitute of asbestos gloves. Kevlar® gloves are most suitable while working against open flame and hot metal splashes and can withstand temperature upto 350°c.