Bomb Containment Bag

Dimensions of bag:

  • 360x270x45mm (Containment bag – closed)

Capacity of bag:

  • 430x330x60mm (Largest parcel)

Product Description

The letter-bomb containment bag is designed for use in office & post offices reception where there is an apprehension of explosive devices received in the mail.

The format allows enclosure of a DIN-A4 (letter format) envelope with a thickness of approx 0.45mm (for bigger size of parcel we are offering Bomb Suppression Blanket on which info can be forwarded upon request).

Tested and Certified to MIL-STD-662F
class 1.1 gram FSP projectiles
and has a ballistic limit velocity (V50) of 500 m/s
from a European testing Institute.

The purpose of this bag is to reduce the fragmentation effect to a great extent in the case of detonation of an explosive device i.e. a suspect letter or item is placed in the bag until competent specialists arrive on location.

The containment bag has been successfully tested against device containing 50g of explosive (seismoplast), which is far in excess of the normal quality of explosive found in letter bombs of the size. Test results and incident evaluation have proven that in the case of an explosion, all parts of the letter bomb were contained and were unable for examination.

A suspect letter can remain in the bag for x-ray examination. The ballistic materials used have no bearing on the quality of the x-ray image.

The effect use in a postal control room is imaginable in such a way that the bag lies ready open next to the detection (i.e. magnetic) instrument. On registering an alarm at the sensor the suspect item is placed in the center of the bag. Insert the object in the bag and then close the bag shutting the side flap first and the top flaps thereafter. The bag should be kept in this condition until competent authorized personnel arrive and carry out or delegate further action.