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Sole Designs & Constructions

We offer a range of sole constructions for varying applications & price points which are denoted by the product code.

The first three alphabets denote sole construction and the numeric numbers show the design of upper, for example DMS – 035, DMS is direct molded sole and 035 is a design of upper. As different shoe constructions have different properties, we have explained the benefit of each shoe type below:

Direct Moulded sole (DMS):

The direct molded rubber process gives superior bonding strength and good abrasion resistance and is the preferred option for the mining industry & hot environments such as foundries & blast furnaces.


Single Density Sole (SDS):

The entire sole is made with polyurethane and is light weight. It gives soft cushioning impact with comfort to user. At same time it provides resistance against Acid and Oil with Anti Slip Properties.


Dual Density Sole (DDS):

This premium sole is made with polyurethane and vulcanized rubber. The mid sole is polyurethane which provides cushioning and comfort, and the outer sole is made with vulcanized rubber which provides better abrasion resistance. This shoe construction also provides resistance against Oil, Acid and chemicals and superior anti slip properties.